PeLib   An open-source C++ library to modify PE files.
ResourceTree (C++)
A small program that dumps information about a PE file's resources to stdout. Shows how to use the low level ResourceDirectory functions.

FileDump (C++)
A small program that dumps information about a PE file to stdout.

OON2 (C++)
A small program that creates a valid PE file from scratch.

Offs (MASM/PeLib.dll)
A small program that converts RVA to file offset and vice versa. This is mainly an example on how to use the PeLib.dll with MASM. PeLib.dll file is not included. See the Download page to download it.

ProxyLib (C++)
A tiny library that creates MASM source files to emulate existing DLL files. See Skinmine for an example of it's purpose.

ISnatch beta (C++)
Extracts icons from PE files. Right now this is only a beta to demonstrate the ResourceDirectory class of PeLib. You won't be able to compile this program yourself as the necessary files ResourceDirectory.cpp and ResourceDirectory.h haven't yet been released. You can also disregard the file out.dump which is created by the program. Right now ResourceDirectory::read automatically calls ResourceDirectory::rebuild and dumps the output to out.dump. That way I can make sure rebuilding works. The subdirectory icons is also required to make the program work correctly.

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